Guanyin Practice

Vairotsana Guan Yin and Tara

Vairotsana Guan Yin and Tara -MasterHsinTaoMt. Putuo is a famous bodhimanda of Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara). A Japanese monk named Hui-E once visited Mt. Wutai and took away a Guan Yin statue with hopes to introduce her to the Japanese people. However, he did not get the permission from the monastery before taking way the statue. That’s possibly why his ship was trapped between breaking waves that are named, “iron lotus” by local people while he was crossing the Lotus Ocean (between Zhoushan and Mt. Putuo nowadays). Master Hui-E was convinced that Guan Yin preferred to stay in Mainland and he made contrition for taking what’s not given. So, he decided to install the statue inside the Chaoyin Cave for the local to worship. The Guan Yin was then called, “The Guan Yin Who Wishes to Stay”.

Vairotsana Guan Yin and Tara -MasterHsinTaoFor over a thousand years, the faith in Guan Yin has deeply rooted in the mind of people because of the bodhimanda at Mt. Putuo. For countless eons, Guan Yin has accomplished the Dharma Door of great compassion and benefited boundless beings. The Guan Yin bodhimanda at Mt. Putuo is known for it’s incredible and responsive blessing. When a being is suffering and disturbed by mental afflictions, if one calls for Guan Yin, she will fulfill one’s wishes and alleviate the pain.

Here at Ling Jiou Mountain, we also have a Guan Yin bodhimanda. The Black-faced Tara and the Guan Yin statue at Mt. Putuo erect alongside the sea shore. Those who see from afar could find the indescribable comfort and peace. One of the meanings of “Tara” is to “reach the other shore”. It is the aspiration of Guan Yin or Tara to guide sentient beings to cross the samsaric ocean to the Pure Land on the other shore. Similarly, people who visit LJM could find inspiration for life through the studying and practicing of Dharma. At last, we hope that everyone could reach the other shore of liberation.

Vairotsana Guan Yin and Tara -MasterHsinTaoToday at LJM, there are the Tara statue and a Vairotsana Guan Yin statue from Mt. Putuo in our shrine hall. Guan Yin safeguards and guides us to see the clear light nature of the mind. It is our shared wish that sentient beings could find peace and stability amidst of disasters. She is the subject of reliance for sentient beings. I hope that everyone could emulate the spirit of Guan Yin to propagate compassion and love. That way, everyone could become the ambassador of Guan Yin so the world could be at peace.