Guanyin Practice

Follow the Steps of Guan Yin

Follow the Steps of Guan Yin -MasterHsinTaoHow fortunate we are to be connected with Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara). She is also called, “the nature of space” because her presence is pervasive in the entire space. In other words, every one of us has the spirituality or primordial awareness that is still present even if the body perishes. The space of awareness is no different from the awareness of Guan Yin.

Follow the Steps of Guan Yin -MasterHsinTaoOne of Guan Yin’s teachings is to listen to the sound of waves until one’s mind is pacified without further thoughts arising. That’s the state of “non-abidance" when one no longer hears anything through the sound of waves. When nothing is heard and that no further feelings arise, the nature of the mind would come forth. If we could enter peacefulness by listening to the sound of waves, we can approach the state of emptiness and breakthrough self-fixation. When "ego" is analyzed to be proven insubstantial, nirvana is at reach.

I’ve been introducing this method of Chan practice to students so many could experience that sense of peacefulness. To enter nirvana through listening is Guan Yin’s Method of Listening to Sound. This is the basis of our Chan practice which took me nearly a decade to familiarize in the cemetery retreat. By listening to the serenity, we can approach our nature of mind. Furthermore, our wisdom can be cultivated. With serenity, we can better cultivate our compassion and strengthen our bodhicitta. As we emulate Guan Yin’s Method of Listening to Sound, we can rediscover our mind or Buddha-nature. That's how our primordial awareness will come forth.

Follow the Steps of Guan Yin -MasterHsinTaoOne of the most important aspects of Guan Yin is great compassion, which we should emulate and aspire to. May we attain Buddhahood to liberate sentient beings. This is how Guan Yin dedicates herself to sentient beings. We should follow her steps when there are opportunities. We need to aspire to attain Buddhahood to liberate sentient beings. This is the essence of bodhicitta. Through Chan practice, we get to see the mind and bring forth the nature that is unchanging. The practice and application of bodhicitta is a form of compassionate activity. Let's be a bodhisattva for others and spread the love to the world.