Guanyin Practice

The Wondrous Connection with Guan Yin

The Wondrous Connection with Guan Yin -MasterHsinTaoGuan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) is one of the most important embodiments of spiritual reliance. As the saying goes, “every household prays to Guan Yin and every family reveres Amitabha”, people have great respect towards Guan Yin. I was much inspired by Guan Yin since little and takes her as my root guru. She had inspired me to take on monasticism. It is my lifelong mission to help and liberate beings with great compassion like Guan Yin.

In recent years, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, natural and manmade disasters are increasing at an unprecedented rate. The rumor of the end of the world keeps everyone worried and frightened. That’s why we need to propagate the compassionate spirit of Guan Yin. She has vowed to be with suffering beings at all times. We should introduce her compassionate aspiration to as many as possible and that she is ever-responsive to one’s calling. As practitioners, we should emulate her holistic, ceaseless, and wholehearted devotion to the welfare of beings.

By emulating the compassionate spirit of Guan Yin helps to enhance our practice on the four immeasurables (loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity) inside. In terms of outer conduct, we should apply generosity, pleasant speech, teaching according to the needs of beings, and being consistent in conduct. These are to encourage others to engage in virtues, speak pleasantly, care for others, and dedicate themselves to the welfare of others. In that sense, we'd become the manifestations of Guan Yin too. By the power of Guan Yin, we'd be strengthened with the ability to comfort others and becoming a light for these suffering beings.