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Avatamsaka Practice for World Peace

Avatamsaka Practice for World Peace-MasterHsinTaoEvery year, the monastic sangha of Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) would recite the Avatamsaka Sutra altogether. We hope to resonate with the realm of Avatamsaka, the wisdom and the conduct of Samanthabhadra. At last, may one attain the state of “non-obstruction of phenomena with other phenomena”.

Every being has the pristine wisdom that is free from delusions. Dharma practice helps one to dispel delusions and rediscover nature. The Tripitaka that contains the Twelve Branches of Excellent Teachings has explained the way to work through delusions and to rediscover our minds. Then, we’d be on our way towards enlightenment and adhere the

All human beings on Earth are closely connected regardless of race, species, animals, plants, microorganisms, etc. When we've come to this truth, we'd know that all beings are an entity of interdependence. They are us and vice versa. We are inseparable. Therefore, we must treat others and ourselves with kindness and empathy. As a result, we'd receive kindness from the universe in reciprocation. When we are willing to serve other beings in this world, they'd also be willing to help us. This is because others and ourselves are oneness.

Avatamsaka Practice for World Peace-MasterHsinTao

We are inseparable from the world. One-mindedness is the Dharmadhatu and vice versa. Knowing this in mind, we can approach the method to be free from suffering for the ultimate happiness. The cause of suffering is delusion and a discriminating mind that lead to conflicts in life. Disputes and disharmony create lots of troubles for us. However, the ultimate truth is absolute without dualism. Every being is I and vice versa. All is me and I am all. When the concept of dualism is negated, we’d realize that all beings are an entity of interdependence. The interconnectedness is none other than the realm of Avatamsaka.

Unfortunately, wars and global warming are putting our Earth in danger. The Covid-19 put many lives at risk. In times like these, it is important to make positive connections with sentient beings and restore our inner peace. It is only when our minds are at peace then the world will be at peace.

Avatamsaka Practice for World Peace-MasterHsinTao