Dharma Teachings

Be grateful when dying

Be grateful when dying -MasterHsinTaoAs we live this life, none of us could be pardoned from the suffering of birth, aging, illness, and death. How should we prepare for the last moment of death? At that time, we must be ready to relax, let go, and most importantly, be grateful.  
With all the good and bad experiences we had been through, be grateful. With all the good people and kindness we have encountered, be grateful. With all the difficult people and situations we have faced, be grateful. They would eventually become a part of the past. Through these people and events, we’ve learned and understood a lot. So, be grateful for every being that you crossed path with. Without these experiences, we’d never come to a higher realization.  
Be grateful when dying -MasterHsinTaoBy the moment of death, remain relaxed and joyful. The more frightening you get, the more rigid your body would be. Conversely, the more relaxed you are, the softer the body would be. Most importantly, a sense of gratitude plays a key role. With appreciation, you wouldn’t complain nor would you hold grudges. Dharma practice is to resolve conflicts and grudges. If we don’t learn to let go now, we will remain in the same struggles in future lifetimes.