The Four-stage Training

LJM’s Blueprint for Attaining Buddhahood: The Four-stage Training— Avatamsaka

LJM’s Blueprint for Attaining Buddhahood: The Four-stage Training— Avatamsaka - MasterHsinTao

IV. Avatamsaka Stage (state of enlightenment) – interdependent diversity, attaining fruition of Buddhahood

a) Avatamsaka Stage Practice
Avatamsaka Sutra describes his realization of the universe was revealed by the Buddha. Referencing to Indra’s Net as a metaphor, dharmadhatu is a cosmic matrix of infinite realms overlaying and connecting with one another.

With the vision of globalization, intergeneration, interfaith, diversity, and harmony – Master Hsin Tao founded the Museum of World Religions, which expresses “respect, tolerate, and love”. Furthermore, large-scale projects such as Avatamsaka Sacred Mountain (expansion) and the University for Life and Peace (education) are meant to reach out and nurture young generations. Live to serve with the description from Avatamsaka Sutra, “non-obstruction of principle and phenomena” and “non-obstruction of phenomena with other phenomena”, Pure Land of Avatamsaka is attainable.
b) Avatamsaka Stage Description
The universe of Avatamsaka which the Buddha described encompasses profound wisdom. This is a state of perfection without obstructions of “principle and phenomena” or “phenomena and other phenomena”. The fruition of Buddhahood is the result of the graded study with faith, contemplation, practice, and realization on the path of Bodhisattva. Then, by fulfilling the Ten Aspirations of Samanthabadhra Bodhisattva, one can enter the ultimate Buddha field of “One True Dharmadhatu”.

Avatamsaka is the manifestation of the Buddha’s realization. Master Hsin Tao explains that Avatamsaka is the expression of diversity and harmony. In order to actualize the teaching of Avatamsaka, the former practice through the Agama Stage, Prajna Stage, and Saddharma-Pundarika Stage must be integrated into mind. Tripitaka that contains the Twelve Branches of Excellent Teachings are condensed into “Dharmadhatu of One Mind”. At the same time, the spiritual essence of different religions comprises an interdependent entity. In the end, everything returns to the Dharmadhatu of the One Mind of Avatamsaka.
Stage Objectives:
Nurturing qualified monastic sanghas with a global outlook.  
Fulfilling the essence of Avatamsaka, “respect, tolerance, and love”.
Perfecting the benefit for oneself and others.
Creating an interdependent diversity.