Dharma Teachings

Purification with Contrition

Purification with Contrition-MasterHsinTaoA student had recently shared with me a personal story. A close friend had suddenly turned hostile towards him in recent years. He is very disturbed and confused about the change. How could the best buddy from childhood turn into an enemy all of the sudden? I advised him to recite the Water Repentance for 108 times to contrite the karmic grudges between them. The Water Repentance clearly explains that virtuous and non-virtuous causes in the past would ripen into corresponding results. Often our mind is lack of contemplative analysis. Although we might not have engaged in actions, our intentions of the five poisons (greed, aversion, ignorance, doubt, and pride) could arise immediately. Such intentions could generate lots of karmic grudges. By practicing the Water Repentance, the intention to contrite arises. We can see the faults in our actions. Next, we can resolve the conflicts with others through sincere contrition.

Purification with Contrition-MasterHsinTaoIn numerous past lives, we’ve made negative connections with all kinds of beings. These negativities take effect in forms of illness, car accidents, business disputes, sorts of conflicts, and more. Karmic memories join to create different obstacles. How do we resolve conflicts in life? Water Repentance is an excellent method. Some people asked me, “What’s the benefit to contrite?”

When a negative karmic memory is made, we must say, “I’m sorry” for the harm, pain, and hatred caused. To those whom we hurt, we’d also say, “I’m sorry”. With a regrettable mind, the grudging knot can be untied. The knot is like a flower bud with closed petals. It remains wrapped and tied up like our mind. The karmic entanglements stress us out. Through contrition, the entanglements can be untied. Every living entity is linked with one another. Loving and hateful emotions intertwine. By the power of contrition, we can work through the loving and hateful feelings. We would no longer attach to one of the two extremes. 

Purification with Contrition-MasterHsinTaoContrition is about parting from and cutting through conflicts. No more conflicts are created. There will be fewer disputes in this world. We can start from contrition or the eradication of conflicts. “Disclosure” is an important part of contrition. We disclose our ignorance and afflictions that had been well hidden. When they are exposed, they are seen and dealt with. The Water Repentance is all about disclosing our past deeds. It is also the best way to work through grudges, ignorance, and afflictions.