Dharma Teachings

That One Thought

That One Thought-MasterHsinTaoIf we take a good observation, everything is ever-changing. “Impermanence” explains that nothing is permanent. Everything that we believe to be ours can vanish quickly and quietly in the blink of an eye. 

That One Thought-MasterHsinTaoIf we reflect on what's going on around us, we could truly experience that everything is as transient as lightning and dews. As mentioned in the Diamond Sutra, "All conditioned dharmas are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow. Like dew and lightning. Thus they should be perceived.” When we’ve come to the understanding of the nature of phenomena, we’d know that everything will pass, good or bad. As we work with pleasant or unpleasant situations in life, our minds would be less calculating and attached. 

The nature of phenomena is dream-like and illusory. However, we still hope for a happy life free from suffering in daily living. We’re the creator of heaven and hell. As long as we uphold virtuous intention and mind, the world that we perceive is a happy one. On the contrary, if our mind is full of malice, then we’d perceive a hell-like environment and suffering. 

That One Thought-MasterHsinTaoNo matter what circumstance we face, we can determine whether it’s a heavenly or hellish experience. It is created by one thought. Heaven or hell exists in one thought. Likewise, the difference between Buddha and ordinary beings depends on one thought. Be mindful and aware at all times in life. Be altruistic when working with others, which include people, animals, and objects like tables and chairs. Cultivate a loving mind when we treat them. Do not assume inanimate objects as dead. Meanwhile, stay humble and loving towards people and animals. That way, our minds would become pliant and tender. We can be with ourselves fully. By having a tender mind, it’d be like spring-time every day.  

I sincerely wish that everyone could tame your mind. May it be good or bad, tame our minds to be flexible, free, and hardworking. That way, we’ll surely succeed!