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Technology Comes from Mind

Technology Comes from Mind -MasterHsinTaoAs technology advances to a state of satisfying human needs with a push of a button or a command in almost every aspect of life, everything seems perfect with such convenience and efficiency.  Yet, tech developers are not satisfied and are always looking for breakthrough. Once, a group of engineers asked me, “Technology has come to a bottleneck. How can we break through to satisfy more human needs? Better yet, can we utilize neural oscillation or just a thought of mind to control technology?”

Technology Comes from Mind -MasterHsinTaoNote this, all the material phenomena and changes are merely the dynamism of "wavelengths". The subtlest wavelength is "mind". As you may be familiar with quantum physics, which in fact, is a study of mind. Everything is the creation of the mind. There was no fabrication by nature. Yet, with the waving of mind, energy force, or an "object" is therefore generated. Perhaps in the future, technology will be able to produce many things with just one thought.

In Vajrayana, a high level of realization named “rainbow body” is commonly known. It is a refinement of material and spiritual training. To the end, one can attain to a state of energy where the body and mind are free of bound. Westerners are very inter-ested in this phenomena and have been studying it. That being said, future technology is an infinite uncovering. When our subtlest mind is uncovered, it will merge with spirituality. A plane of inner peace can be connected to everything in the universe.

Technology Comes from Mind -MasterHsinTaoWhen our mind is at peace, its luminosity intensifies. We can read all messages from lifetimes in such state. Dharma practitioners possess different luminosity. An arhat can see five hundred lifetimes of stories from the past. This is also technology, or “future studies”.

“Futurology” is also the “karma of the three times” in Buddhism. The countless in-formation stored up from the past is what we are applying now. At the same time, we are storing up future references. Taking information from the past for present use. Storing up present data for future use. Such creations and development of “karma of the three times” is also a technology.

What the Buddha taught in the sutras are not just abstract ideas. From Agama  Sutra, Avatamsaka Sutra, to Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra, these scriptures have explained the way to the most tech-advanced living state. Science has already shown us that Earth is not the sole planet in the universe. “Ten directions” mentioned in the sutras have told us about other planets and living beings (aliens). Our current technology is too limited to prove more at this point. Mankind must be humble and cause no more harms to planet Earth, as it is our source of survival. While protecting the planet, we continue to uncover and explore our subtle mind. One day, we will have extraterrestrial tourism to different planets and make local friends.