Spiritual Ecology

Given the immense suffering war brings

和平從「心」做起-心道法師Given the immense suffering war brings; we should seek solutions immediately to regain a genuine peace and harmony. The reason that conflicts and war broke out is the lacking of compassion in our mind. Conflict of interest and egotism have severely divided us from one another. If we can recognize the power of compassion based on interdependency, we’d come to dynamic methods and discover the essence of diversity. 

和平從「心」做起-心道法師Chan practice is the best solution. When I was doing the solitude retreat in the cave, I was secluded with myself. Yet, in the state of Chan, there were no conflicts but serenity, tenderness, and compassion. This is the mind of compassion, a shared love among all religions. Through Chan practice , the mind settles down. With the seed of compassion and love, our insecurity can be healed and transformed. Allow ourselves to care for others and take steps away from strife towards harmonious interdependency.

和平從「心」做起-心道法師Life has always been peaceful and stable, yet, rivalries disrupt the balance. Keep in mind that interconnectedness and peace are extremely vital. In hopes to advocate this notion, I’ve been traveling worldwide since 1994 to bridge with other religions. I’ve visited Eastern Orthodox Christians in Russia; Shamanism followers; and Tibetan Buddhism practitioners. There was also the opportunity where I visited Israel, a land of sacredness and scars. I have built the friendship with many fellow Jews and Muslims with the shared promise to create a global family of peace.

A year before the tragedy of the September 11 Attacks, friends across different religions and I joined hands to pray at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders for the widespread of peace with love and compassion. The path of peace is paved with friendship and companionship. By embarking on the journey from this very “mind” of ours, we can certainly create stability of life and advance towards world peace.