Spiritual Ecology

Benefiting All

Benefiting All-MasterHsinTaoThis world is a living ecosystem that is diverse and interdependent. We must come to this understanding and be mindful at all times.

Benefiting All-MasterHsinTaoThe rise of the Information Age makes the world a gigantic network. Like the cells in our body that are in different places, yet, they are all connected to function as a whole. While each cell carries distinctive information, one is in conjunction with another to create the ecosystem. Likewise, Earth is a body with its inhabitants and elements connected in mutualistic interactions.

The Butterfly Effect explains the functioning of this world. If a problem occurs anywhere, it would have an effect elsewhere. We do not exist alone but interdependently. Therefore, we must learn to be grateful and appreciative towards one another. By prioritizing mutual benefits for all, people would easily come together and work for harmony.
Benefiting All-MasterHsinTaoThe mutual benefits are based on interconnectedness. We should approach situations with this mindset instead of dividing or attacking others. Even if there are competitions, this notion must be kept at all times. Dedicate our best efforts in raising awareness on interconnectedness to generate resonance. Communicate and work with others with humility and tolerance. Together, mutual benefits can be optimized and valued.
Let us be the field of merit for one another. We can depend on each other for growth and betterment. By connecting with affinity, we are fulfilling and perfecting each other’s life. By working with others wisely, a fruitful and positive cycle is attainable.