Guanyin Practice

The Essence of Guan Yin

The Essence of Guan Yin - MasterHsinTaoWhat is the essence of Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara)? It is the tireless determination to liberate all from suffering. To sentient beings, she is the refuge who protects us free from fear, suffering, disasters, and obstacles. Tara (the feminine embodiment of compassion) holds the mudra of fearlessness that can alleviate all the pain and adversities of sentient beings. Wherever Guan Yin is present, the place is at peace.

The Essence of Guan Yin - MasterHsinTaoAs well, the essence of Guan Yin is to offer compassion and to transform our improper conceptions positively at all times. Her compassion can turn our minds around from complaints to gratitude. By the blessing of Guan Yin, this disharmonious and unstable mind of ours turns into a state of peace, stability, positivity, activeness, optimism, and love. The great love of “live to serve, dedicate life to lives” will touch every corner of the world. This is the compassionate transformation by the power of Guan Yin. Everyone will enjoy safety, good wealth, felicity, and stability.

In this Age of Information, people are confused to find the value of life. This is where the light of life origins. The universal value of Guan Yin is love and compassion – the essence that we should emulate. Love and compassion make our life brighter and colorful. These are the best value in life and lives to come.

The Essence of Guan Yin - MasterHsinTaoCompassion is the spring of life. Without it, life is dry and barren. If love is absent, life is devoid of vitality. The source of all lives is love and compassion. This is the teaching from Guan Yin. Love is the energy of life. Compassion is infinite joy, infinite equanimity, and infinite dedication. This is the best return of life.