Chan Practice

The Mind Transmission

The Mind Transmissionl-MasterHsinTaoThe spirit and essence of Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) is none other than “Chan”, or this very mind. The Dharma heir of LJM is one who recognizes, resonates with, understands, and realizes the mind. Being a Dharma heir sounds rather challenging, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, everyone can be the true heir with innate potential. Odd enough, we seem to reject the idea of acknowledging our root. Consequently, we are lost in the samsara. The moment we recognize our roots, we become the Buddha.

Chan is a clear understanding. Be someone with a clear insight like a light that never fades. The light brightens up the present, the past, and the future – an infinite luminosity. Dharma practice is all about uncovering the realm of luminosity. With the light of the mind, one can brighten up the world.

When Buddha Shakyamuni picked up the flower and smiled, Mahakshyapa received the Dharma transmission right on spot. Was it simply the facial expression or something else that made the delivery? What is the mind? The original face of the mind is not this physical body. Without designating naming or symbols,Chan is able to present the face of the mind. If we hold any notions, we can never uncover our true mind. Should we study and contemplate on prajna wisdom, we can find our mind with it.

The Mind Transmissionl-MasterHsinTaoPrajna wisdom is all about contemplative analysis. Conversely, prajna wisdom arises from the analysis. Contemplate on this,

 “All that is conditioned are impermanent.All dharmas are empty and devoid of self.All perceptions are suffering.”

Gradually, we'd realize the nature of the mind. By pacifying the chaotic mind, we can bring it back.

Everyone has an innate treasure. To uncover it, we could contemplate on this teaching,Buddha-nature is constantly purifying and clearing.

Where could there be dust?Succinct but comprehensive, one can return to the nature of mind by contemplating on this stanza.