Chan Practice

Tea Chan Q & A (II)

Tea Chan Q & A (II)-MasterHsinTaoMaster Hsin Tao: The Tea Chan at Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) is accentuated with our essence and spirit. “Compassion” is the attitude that we offer to all beings. “Chan” is the original taste of all. If we could return to the point of origin, we can get an original taste of life. Or, it is the taste of our primordial state. Only when we’ve gotten the taste would we be truthful and genuine. With a genuine intent, we’d engage in compassionate acts, ideas, and aspirations. If not, all the conceptions are unreliable and fickle.

Through tea making, we can get the original taste and return to our origin, the true compassion. This is the path to go.

Student: This sounds very simple.

Tea Chan Q & A (II)-MasterHsinTaoMaster Hsin Tao: As simple as it sounds, most people have never imagined it. That’s why we must rely on other means or activities to practice. Tea ceremony is one of the options to get an original taste of our mind. How though? With every action taken, be at ease, be focused, be serene, and be sincere. That’s how you taste the tea. With sincerity, you can experience the taste. If not, you wouldn’t know what you’re tasting. Eventually, you’d realize that this is the original taste of life.

Say, if a farmer has fruit farm where his only concern is the plants. With full attention, love, energy, and care, he looks after the wellbeing of the farm. He cares without any fabrication or deceits. This is the most direct and truthful attitude to work with people and matters. With a straightforward manner, we can remain simplicity and innocence in our minds. Without much saying, the farmer nurtures the plants with his own manner. Undoubtedly, the result would be fruitful and beautiful. With love and compassion, one’s mind is filled with tenderness that touches everyone.