Hear it all: Mother Earth is calling

Hear it all: Mother Earth is calling

There are currently only Chinese versions of the book, and no translations have yet been made.

"Self-Prologue: The Gate of Silence" – Master Hsin Tao
This book, which I have personally experienced, also contains a summary of the Guan Yin Dharma.
Guan Yin Bodhisattva has always been my dearest relative, my idol, my monastic world. Thinking about Guan Yin made me determine the goal I had pursued all my life.
From the battlefield to the cemetery, from the cemetery to the dojo, I spent most of my life from Burma to Taiwan; from the cause of setting up the Museum of World Religions, to the rest of the world, I was cared for and inspired by Guan Yin Bodhisattva all the way.
I felt in my heart that I had come to work for Guan Yin all my life, and I tried my best to do some of the task of receiving introductions.
Now the times are not as good as before, the earth's environment has also greatly deteriorated, the so-called heat and irritation have doubled, and the five poisons are blazing. People's good thoughts are not enough, in the life of information explosion, we lack mindful guidance, too heavy doubts, no self-confidence, and even less can we trust each other, many good karma and blessings are rapidly disappearing, and many common karma caused by evil causes and bad karma are rapidly accumulating. There is no better way to improve the vicious circle of the world than to regain the power of faith; we cannot find the ultimate path of peace and auspiciousness other than to study Buddhism.
We must use the compassion of Guan Yin to take good care of the earth family! The more calamities there are, the more it is the era when Guan Yin Bodhisattva saved the suffering and rescued the suffering. We need to learn the compassion of Guan Yin, in the spirit of mutual benefit and symbiosis, to save each other, when everyone is like Guan Yin, the peace of the earth will appear.
I hope that through my own sharing, I will spread the salvation gospel of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, bring you a cool antidote, and return to the great silence and consummation of spirituality.
After five years of reprinting, there is a specific progress, during this period, the global disasters and turbulence continues, but the road to peace that loves the earth continues to unfold, from the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of Zongbo to my hometown in Burma, Lashio NongManda Shanyuan Temple Shami Academy, the summer of 2016, the successful opening of the school, the peace university plan finally started.
In addition, I have put together the sharing of the Heart Sutra over the years, made a direct statement, separated from this book, and listed another volume (Editor's note: "Heart Sutra Straight Contract: The Path of Emptiness"), which can be regarded as a complete path of Guan Yin methods that run through the ears and roots.
Thanks to the blessing of Guan Yin, I have been promised for more than thirty years to make me more dedicated.


Self-prologue: The Gate of Silence
【Smelling: The Lost Mother-in-Law】
The Apocalypse: A Hundred Years of Confession
Environmental Bad Karma: Lost Wives
Spiritual Dust: The Birth and Death of Sumire
Reincarnation of Life: Mercy into life and death

【Sibu: Calling Guan Yin】
Don't forget your first wish
Look at the sound of it, and you will be liberated
Feminine Kannon
Zen like a cat
In the glow of the heart
Smell it all

【Shubu: Inner Nalanda in the Heart】
Harmony between body and mind and peace zen
I dream of a Buddhist university
A Hundred Years of Buddhism - A "Lone Monk"
Indian Kannon
Walk around the bodhisattva
Sincerity is the way of interaction, tranquility is the way of peace - bless Zongbo fifteen years old
Be a Movement to Love the Earth and Love Peace – Reflections and Suggestions on the Current Problems of Buddhism in 2017

【Transmission: The Great Dream of the Poor Monk】
The glory of the Lord, the will of the Buddhas – visit Wang Rong and the priest
Cosmic traveler, traveled through the World of Huayan - Han Jinke
Inclusion is more than just a grotto – visiting Hubbard
Discover Zongbo exclamation point - visit Lin Baoyao
This monk was a little "strange"—visiting Lu Lizheng
Unquenchable compassion — visit Jiang Shaoying
Red dust lights up the foreign friend - visit Tsai Xinfu
He dedicated himself to the world— visiting Chen Songgen
Spring comes from the retreat place – Lu Zhengda

Epilogue: Mother Earth is Calling– Heart Path Mage
This year, 2017, the lunar calendar is the Year of the Rooster, I wish everyone a good star, grateful for all people who are related, grateful for the inclusion of diversity and symbiosis, mother earth that gives birth to all life, and hope that mother earth is healthier and the human family is more peaceful.
General recession, unhappiness, many vicious circles of things occur around the world, endangering the survival of the earth and destroying the harmony of mankind. The earth is limited, and when it cannot bear it and cannot initiate self-healing, it will destroy the entire civilization and start all over again. So change is urgent, we really need to have a "love the earth, love peace" principle, as a guide for the development of various fields, everyone must re-learn a set of the earth, for all sentient beings, more intelligent and more compassionate interaction, crisis can turn around, negative can be reversed.
In 2016, the fifteenth anniversary of zongbo museum, especially the museum's celebration day coincided with the global discussion of the US election day, one of our zongbo planners, Professor Sullivan (Dr. Sullivan). Lawrence E. Sullivan watched the election every day, and finally chose to return to Taiwan to participate in the celebration; and Professor Maria (Dr. Maria Reis Habitoalso rushed back. In her speech, Maria shared the ins and outs of the dialogue with the Buddha, talking about the opening day of Zongbo on the 119th of that year, and also the same half of the year after the global shock of the 911 attack, from that year on, she clearly felt the fear of Americans being threatened. 
Fifteen years later, on the same day, Sullivan, who was worried about the results of the US election, said in his speech: "It is not so much a coincidence as it is a dependent arising, every thought is a dependent arising, every dependent arising is a world, dependent arising is like the big bang of the universe, starting at a point, and finally forming three thousand worlds... This is Huayan." Sullivan recalls the sight of me visiting him at Harvard twenty-five years ago, when I had nothing but faith in Guan Yin and a will, and he said that this simple "point" was all about Zongbo, when he had just finished a year of magnificent classes at Harvard, and then he accompanied Zongbo for twenty-five years, and all the way it seemed to be involved in the pulse of world peace. 
The day after the celebration, I invited Sullivan, Maria, and Dr. Gallium. Karsai,Gabor Zsolt)met together onVulture Hill to talk deeply about what we have seen over the years and to discuss the idea of the University for Peace. Ge Da Gall has officially agreed to my invitation, joined our team in September this year, to help promote this cause, we do not reduce the enthusiasm of the year, everything is more sufficient. 
I said that this university originated from our religious museum, we started as friends from the respect of religion, tolerance is our way of getting along with each other, that is, the wisdom of coexistence, you have me, I have you, and then our common work is to do the work of fraternity, fraternity for mankind, fraternity for the earth, no war, no consumerism, this university is speaking for the earth, this is a principle.
Sullivan laughed and sighed, "I'm old..." I said, "It's just that I'm old to do these things, and if I'm not old, I probably don't have that determination." At this age, everything is sufficient, experienced, and social relations are perfect, and it is just the right time to do this. What we have done before may not be mature, but this is the mission of our religion, and it is also the mission of life." I think Zongbo is a wonderful gift, just from a spiritual realization, and then the Buddhists in Taiwan, everyone supports me, and then goes to the world to promote it, just for this mission.
Twenty-five years of hard work has fermented! Now continue to work hard, to continue to do universities in Myanmar, and there are national cultural centers, I said that this university originated from the concept of "Huayan", I laughed at Sullivan that he said that the part of his debt is the debt to Huayan, so our next steps, basically, are not slow, but to do quickly. Sullivan also smiled like a child and said happily: At his age, he really should be faster and faster! He also reciprocated that he would like to be the first student!
He said that our conversation that day gave him a visual vision: as if Mother Earth itself was complete life, Mother Earth was calling us! He also likes the concept, including that this school is able to become a channel for the earth to speak, he very much wants to work for such a platform, he said that the timing and place are right, now there are indeed other ways, let the people from all sides, wise, insightful people come together, he likes this gathered energy, and then present common wisdom and intelligence, which is the opportunity point of the times.
I replied to him, we are not going to do a university for the sake of doing a university, this is a movement, this is a movement to love the earth, the university is an educational institution, but also a logistics unit, the main thing is to connect people who think like us, connect well, work together to make the earth better, is to make the earth sustainable, let mankind continue, educate everyone really know how to love it, this is our vision goal, but also the purpose of the university.
After the celebration of the museum, it is time to retreat in Huayan every winter, which is the thanksgiving festival of the Spirit Vulture Mountain, just for the disciples of the whole mountain to brew! Just like when we were in the conference room at Harvard University, twenty-five years later in the meeting at Vulture Mountain, we cooperated again, and what was different was that we had made a museum together, and with this platform, with fifteen years of experience in growing together, so the next fifteen years of cooperation was a long-term plan.