Take Refuge

Take refuge

There are currently only Chinese versions of the book, and no translations have yet been made.

This is a refuge guide for beginners to the Dharma, including a selection of the refuge teachings of the Master Hsin Tao for two purposes:

1. Encourage those who have not yet taken refuge, or who do not understand refuge and who are still wandering at the door of refuge, to know refuge, to understand refuge, to understand refuge, and then to receive the three refuges with devotion.

2. Second, those who have taken refuge in Buddhism, but who are still unclear or do not understand the refuge, can develop a correct understanding and understanding of refuge through the incisive explanations and explanations in this book.

The Master Hsin Tao said, "Refuge is taking refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha, and managing our merits and wisdom forever, and it is the entrance to learning the Dharma."
In this book, I sincerely hope that the masses will take refuge together, reap the benefits of refuge, form a good relationship with the Buddha, and take the first step on the path to becoming a Buddha.


What is refuge?
I.Why take refuge?
II. What are the Three Treasures?
III.  the meaning of taking refuge in the Three Jewels
V. The Special Refuge of the Vulture Mountain (I)
VI. The Special Refuge of the Vulture Mountain (II)
VII. Practice and Life After Refuge (I)
VIII. Practice and Life After Refuge (II)
IX. Take Refuge Q & A
Introduction to the Heart Dao Master and Spirit Vulture Mountain Sect