Lingjiu Mountain Outer Mountain: The Legend of Hein Tao Master

Lingjiu Mountain Outer Mountain: The Legend of Hein Tao MasterThere are currently only Chinese versions of the book, and no translations have yet been made.

Born in Burma in 1948 and raised in Taiwan, he was a legendary of the Master Hsin Tao. When he was fifteen years old, he stabbed his arms and body with the vows of "Enlightenment to Repay Guanyin", "I Will Not Become a Buddha without End", and "True as a Sentient Being". At the age of twenty-five, he became a monk, practiced the arduous head-to-do ritual, and experienced the most secluded asceticism and fasting retreat in the world. After exiting the customs, he founded the "Spirit Vulture Mountain. Lifeless Dojo" and "Museum of World Religions" to carry out the cause of universalizing all sentient beings in the world. The perseverance of the Master Hsin Tao, his optimistic and tolerant personality, his magnificent international vision, and the fearless spirit of "although thousands of people are looking forward to it" have deeply infected everyone who has witnessed and followed his steps.
"The Outer Mountain of the Spirit Vulture Mountain" interprets the asceticism and bodhisattva spirit of the Master Hsin Tao.  His story begins in the mountains of Yunnan and Burma, where the clouds of war are thick, and then passes through the jungles of Mahayana Buddhism in Taiwan, deep into the arduous Tsukasa Shu and Touto, and in 1983 he founded Ling vulture Mountain, with compassion and Zen as the sect's style and world peace as the ultimate goal, and began his dharma-propagation cause. On the basis of the first edition issued ten years ago, this book has been rewritten and updated on a large scale, proposing a more complete, subtle, and incisive interpretation of the lineage of the three multiplications of the Master Hsin Tao, his personal meditation experience, and the great wish of propagation; at the same time, it also adds the deeds of the past ten years, expounding from a macroscopic perspective how the Master Hsin Tao has gone from the Museum of World Religions to the path of advocating world religious peace, and the Nalanda dream that he sketched to the world on the blueprint of the Huayan Sacred Mountain Plan.


Preface to the Path of the Heart

Chapter 1: Childhood in Burma 1948-1960
Burma, 1948
Red Arhat shoes, huge ant nest
Decadent happiness, walking rivers and lakes
The map of the life of the lone army in Yunnan and Burma
Flying Arhat, the seed of monasticism
A paradise for poppies, a purgatory in the Burmese border region


Chapter 2: Young Yang Jinsheng 1961~1972
Retreat to Taiwan in the spring of 1961
The Holy Number of Guanyin opens the door to the Dharma
Fifteen-year-old tattoos, vowing to seek the Heart
Hero dreams, swords and personality traits
Mother Xie Fengying, a consistent point teacher
Plum Blossom League, the rhapsody of returning to the world
Ask for a jail sentence
Nobles in the face of adversity
A love letter that is kneaded into a small ball by time
The death of best friend Li Fengchun


Chapter 3: Asceticism after Monasticism 1973-1982
Ordained ordained at Fo Guang Shan
A man who is brave and diligent as long as he meditates
Orchid room, see through the loneliness
The head is taught by Mahakaya and Milarepa
The glamorous rays of the Yuanming Temple
Inside the Lingshan Pagoda, contemplating life and death
Tsukasa cultivates and penetrates the impermanence of all actions
Milarepa is present in meditation
Like the Phantom Mountain House, the testing ground of the Dao Heart
The fate and test of a monastic disciple
The practice and life of a chen master
Dense and rounded, originally tasteful
Confusion about becoming a Buddha
In addition to practicing, there is no separation between things and me
Wu lifted the people to the castle, fasted to get rid of life and death


Chapter 4: The First Construction of The Vulture Mountain 1983~1988
Eagle Boy Mountain, the legend of fire and please fire
Putuo self, more difficult retreat fasting
Under the cliff, there is no hole in the sky
A dojo at the junction of mountains and seas and rain
The naming and ambition of the Lifeless Dojo
Chen of life that is randomly taught
Linji Zongfeng, the big machine is of great use
Be kind to all sentient beings and be attentive to everything

Chapter 5: Dharma Lineage Inheritance and The Great Wish of Honghua 1989-2013
Linji Dharma pulse, with Zen as the body
Meditation precepts, with the southern transmission as the cornerstone
The Kadya lineage is based on tantra
The three-fold multiplication is one, from the head to the bodhisattva path
The universe is a memory
Slander is the origin of moderation
The bodhisattva path is to let sentient beings get rid of suffering and happiness
The consummation of the two benefits of the sun and the sun
Start with the Great Compassion Festival
Start to build water and land, and do all the sentient beings
The old monk of the precepts has been in charge for fifteen years
Create a pure land for the liberation of injustices and knots
Propagating the Dharma is not tiring
Volunteers and protectors who make the dojo their home


Chapter 6: World Religions and the Sacred Mountain of Huayan 1989-2013
The concept of the Master of The Distant Contract
The spring and autumn dream of the poor monk
I don't know the heavens and the earth is thick with the Zongbo plan
Religious contact without psychological burden
Slowly spread out the wings of the sky
Solid and solid is a big step
Peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of the world
Let me see what I can do?
Inauguration of the Temple of the Gods
The unprecedented "Back to Buddhism Dialogue"
Islamic friendship
Quiet movement, maximization of meditation
Fasting retreat, return to the mountain
The "Huayan World" is the work of "dependent arising and becoming a Buddha."
The ambition of the modern "Nalanda"
My life has not been in vain
Timeline of the Master Hsin Tao and Spirit Vulture Mountain


Ten Thousand Teachings and Lotus Flowers - Prequel to the Master Hsin Tao.  Bai Yang
In the depths of spring, there are still sub-rules crying - visiting the Road and inspecting Lin Gufang