Who are you? Chan Master Hsin Tao’s Journey of the Mind

Have your inner life and peace been robbed by the bustling of daily life? Has your mind been blinded by myriad forms of desire? This actually all comes from our desiring mind.

If the no-self is a “space” and the impermanence is “time”, then “enlightenment” is a transformation of time and space into each other. What we think as real is unreal and what we regard as non-existent has always been there.  This may sound mysterious. What are “existence” and “emptiness”?  At this moment, meditation is our best companion.  Master Hsin Tao has said, “meditation can calm down our mind and guide it back to its origin.”

At the age of 35, he started meditating inside the cracks of a cliff facing the vast Pacific Ocean. Now after 30 years, from spiritual meditation he has culminated in boundless compassion. From the path of dhuta to Bodhisattva, he established the Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist monastery. Traveling on a pair of simple red shoes and practicing with a heart of compassion, Master Hsin Tao has initiated individual and group meditations and has introduced to the world the notion of Global Family for Love and Peace. A world-famous Chan Master, he teaches us “When your mind is at peace, the world is at peace.”

How should we start our meditation practice? What should we do to practice Buddha dharma? Can we obtain freedom from death only through meditation? Is it that simple? Master Hsin Tao said: “We can achieve non-action which gives rise to a meditative state of harmony and which breaks away from delusions and anguish.”  It is because there is no way to get hold of our mind. Which “mind” do we try to break away from?  We will make real progress if we can see through the phenomena. We can achieve true skills if we learn “letting it go.” The elimination of distress constitutes the freedom from the life/death cycle. 

Please tune in with “Who Are You? Dharma Master Hsin Tao’s Journey of the Mind.”  Master Hsin Tao will bring a mindful life style to you.

Who are you?  Only your mind knows….