Ling Jiou Mountain Myanmar Life and Peace Project

Global Accumulation of Mutual Good For Righteous Cultivation of Buddha's Land

Mahar Kusalar Yarma Monastery, Naung Mon Sramanera School 

Monk propagates the Dhamma wherever he is. Let sentient beings be happy and away from suffering.

Chan Master Hsin-tao from Ling Jiou Mountain, Taiwan, is the founder of this school. He dreamed of peace in his childhood and made a vow to raise these children with a better life in his hometown Naung Mon, Lashio, Myanmar brings more hope and a bright future.

Chan Master Hsin-tao is originally from Yun-nan, born in 1948 on Myanmar border, Lai-kan village of Lashio Mountain area . During the period of war, his mother passed away when he was four years old. At the age of Nine he joined a Guerrilla Group. He left Kuomintang, Taiwan, at 13. During this period, he experienced the terror of war and impermanence of life, he decided to walk on the path of peace.Holding this idea he was determined to join the path of inner practice .

After the Nargis Cyclone disaster in Myanmar, he put his continuous effort to build a school for children, supported orphans by adopting them, and helped Sangha through Sangha-dāna for ten thousand monks every year.

Among them, the most concrete contribution helping the Buddhist nation, Myanmar, his hometown.Chan Master Hsin-tao received many awards. He was awarded for excellence in the propagation of Buddhism. In 2011,he was awarded for excellence in Chan practice. As well as in 2014, received Chan Mahā-ācārya Award.It is the highest award in Myanmar. Having the honor of receiving these awards, represents his accomplishment of Buddhist practice. like the Senior most Venerable of Myanmar, including Mahasi Sayadaw, and Mo-gok Sayadaw have announced that...

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