University for Life and Peace

A Bright Future Ahead

A Bright Future Ahead- MasterHsinTao

January 22nd, 2019, was the closing ceremony of the Winter School of the University for Life and Peace. My sincere thanks to the participating professors and students. I attended every professor’s teaching and I’m thankful for their well-prepared courses. The students are very bright and worked really hard. Throughout two-week of course, lots of wonderful sparks were inspired.

A Bright Future Ahead- MasterHsinTaoHopefully, the torch of the University for Life and Peace can be lit together in the near future. With the flame of hope, we can find the solution for the environmental issue. Although many have been discussing this, very few have carried it out in action. Thus, I’d encourage everyone to take action with courage. 

Every life is part of us. We all live and thrive as one, interdependently. Nothing can exist alone. As Buddhadharma teaches, it takes causes and conditions for something to happen. With the conditions coming together, it went from “nothing” to “something”. If any of the conditions were lacking, may it be professors, students, or prospective participants, this university won’t be happening. Therefore, every condition is extremely crucial. 

A Bright Future Ahead- MasterHsinTaoEveryone has spirituality and awareness to discern and to be mindful. The luminosity of awareness is always present. We only need to advance on the right path. Through the platform of the University for Life and Peace, those who are concerned about planet Earth, the ecosystem, and the environment, can come together to work for “Love Earth, Love Peace”. The collective efforts of the teaching staff and students are greatly valued. 

Once again, I’m grateful for our connection which will continue on in the future. Together, we can make a bright future that sustains.