Dharma Teachings

Life of Happiness

Life of Happiness-MasterHsinTaoChan is the pragmatic application of wisdom. It is the insight and understanding of cause and effect. Be clear-minded about your daily activities and your proper conduct. Such clarity is "Chan", a discovery of "I". By uncovering oneself, I can engage in compassionate activities. Every great Chan master undergoes the inevitable hardship on one’s course towards realization. With realization, one can let go of oneself and dedicate one’s life for sentient beings through compassionate activities. Chan is a retrospection or self-reflection. One can contribute and serve more after Chan practice. It is an act of self-awakening and awakening others. 

As we retrospect, we'd understand the source of life that has always been with us. Yet, we stayed unaware of the whole time. Therefore, we must let it come forth through a certain mean. When we've come to the realization, we can finally live – to live for ourselves and sentient beings. At last, we'd become an individual who can give and serve.

Life of Happiness-MasterHsinTaoHow does a happy life come about? It is to serve others. Selfishness doesn't bring happiness but loving-kindness. Without loving-kindness, one's life is devoid of joy. Thence, compassion is the source of happiness. To be compassionate, one must be empathetic and willing to give. We must establish ourselves properly before offering happiness to others. To find the meaning of life is to uncover our original face. As we realize our original face, we’d truly understand the greater meaning of life. Be confident in yourself and others that all of us are capable of finding our nature. Nonetheless, the only way to the ultimate happiness is to uncover oneself and to serve other beings.