Dharma Teachings

Enjoying Life

Enjoying Life-MasterHsinTaoCircumambulating the sacred mountain, prostration, reciting the name of Amitabha or other mantras help to stabilize our mind. As well, our wishes can be fulfilled. These practices connect our mind with the Buddha. Circumambulating the sacred mountain is also a way for fulfilling wishes. One step after another, our aspiration may slowly come to effect.
Daily Dharma practice puts our active mind on pause and rest. Like meditative stabilization. What is the use of it? It is to stabilize our mind. Through the practice of prostration, circumambulation, contrition, our mind becomes at peace. Circumambulation helps to cultivate wisdom so afflictions can be eradicated. The reason that we are born as human beings this life is due to the lack of wisdom. Prostration also enhances wisdom, mindful clarity and seeing nature. Soon, we can exit the samsaric ocean, reach the destination of the path, and attain a stabilizing ending.
Enjoying Life-MasterHsinTaoDharma learning and practice must be carried out in life. One should take the non-attachment practice in actions. Through actions, we can uncover our spirituality. We are constantly looking for the wrong thing which we believed to be true. In fact, what we are looking for is the feeling and awareness at this moment. Do not reminisce the past nor expect the future. It's crystal clear. No matter what, we've never "owned" anything, including our body. It is merely a delusional composite. Some might say, "That's bogus, the body is true existence. I feel pain when I'm hurt. I feel cold when the temperature drops. The body responds to external stimuli and generates all kinds of feelings." As a matter of fact, these feelings will cease and disappear. Although we can see and feel things, they lack substantiality.
This body perishes to death along with time. Does it mean the physical perceptions are gone? All the external things will cease and come to an end. Nothing is permanently yours. Our existence is like the dust that disappears in a blink of eyes. There's a saying in Chan, "No dharmas is attainable outside of mind". Experiencing the present awareness is of most important. Feel that inner clarity within ourselves. When we do things, feel it attentively. When we're walking, feel the walk. When we're thinking, feel the process. Quietly, feel your life. Do not judge between goods or bads; right or wrong, virtuous or non-virtuous. By experiencing that joy of existence and having an authentic realization with every moment – is a living practice of Dharma. 
Regardless of the past, present, or future – right now, is of most importance. When you become aware of the feeling now, you’d experience life in a stream of continuity. That way, we’d truly be enjoying living. Buddha is in our living. Then what is being a Buddha? It is to fully realize every moment in life.