Dharma Teachings

Lifetimes of Saving

存起永生的积蓄-心道法师There’s a special bucket name “Sudhana” at Ling Jiou Mountain. It is named after Sudhana from the Avatamsaka Sutra. We hope that everyone could learn and emulate his aspiration.

Sudhana was given the name because when he was born, great treasures and brilliant lights appeared in his house. This was due to his great benevolence to help others and virtuous acts in past lives.
The Sudhana Bucket invites everyone to make a positive connection through generosity. Even with spare changes, every bit counts. Merits are being accumulated when we don’t take any notice. For the younger generation, we should encourage them to save up and spend the money for good and virtuous causes. Educate them on the idea of accumulating merits with virtuous acts at young.

We can accumulate merits with virtuous conduct. By making positive connections with others, we can elevate our spirituality. When our spirituality is enhanced, we’d see the beauty in everything in this world. Without it, this is merely a phenomenal world made up of materials. Materialism without spirituality, life becomes rough devoid of feelings. Only with spirituality can life be nourished. There’d be a better love and care between one and another.
Learn and practice Dharma allows us to rediscover our spirituality. Then, we can trace back to our nature. All that we can see, may they be phenomena or materials would all cease in the end. Spirituality would never cease. It has no forms, no coming, nor going. It is always there.