Dharma Teachings

The Peace of Folding Palms

The Peace of Folding Palms -MasterHsinTao“Folding palms” is a common gesture in religion. It symbolizes the praying to gods, respect to the nature, or a way to express peace and humility of human body language. As a matter of fact, folding palms is a way to stabilize our monkey mind so it returns to purity and stabilization. With a simple gesture like this, we start from ourselves to offer peace and stability to others. 

The Peace of Folding Palms -MasterHsinTaoOur One-minute meditation and the Four-step Technique of Ling Jiou Mountain’s Peace Meditation are for such purpose. Through meditation, we can return to our spirituality. Do not get lost in the endless pursuit of materials, relationship, power, reputation, and profit. Instead, we should attain an inner peace. Within that state of serenity, we can heighten our mindfulness. Through sitting meditation, we can uncover our mind. 

The Peace of Folding Palms -MasterHsinTaoStart from working with oneself, the influence could expand to hundreds and thousands of people. Together, we can deliver the peace of spirituality. With this simple action of serenity, we can attain a balanced harmony among human beings, communities, and the ecosystem. We all depend on each other to thrive. 

With spirituality, there is no harm among beings. Yet, we need guidance for our awareness to be inspired. The most expedient way to Chan practice. Especially in the 21st Century, globalization is overwhelmed with information and confusing values. If the world would start resonating with Chan practice of the Peace Movement, everyone could experience one’s own mind. Starting from the mind, we can change the world. “When the mind is at peace, the world is at peace.”