Spiritual Ecology

Prayer for Love Earth, Love Peace

Prayer for Love Earth, Love Peace -MasterHsinTaoSettle down, quiet down,

Seeing the sufferings of life through calm abiding,

Settle down, quiet down,

We hear the yearning of life.

Earth is our shared home,
And there’s only one,
We are an entity of interdependence,
Let’s rediscover the serenity in mind.

Let the power of serenity to pass on goodness and kindness,
Let respect, tolerance, and love fill our mind,
Let “Love Earth, Love Peace” be our shared value.

Here, let’s pray –

May spirituality be nourished, goodness be inspired, greed be ceased, and life be better.

May care be pervaded, love be fulfilled, selfishness be dissolved, and life is brilliant.

May differences are respected, interdependent diversity is recognized, conflicts be reconciled, and the world in harmony.

May violence be faded, warfare be pacified, Earth is at peace, and all to sustain.