Chan Practice

One-minute in Serenity, Relaxation is in Reach

One-minute in Serenity, Relaxation is in Reach-MasterHsinTaoChan practice is a type of seclusion that prevents external influences and conditions from distracting our mind. It sets boundaries for us. Once boundaries are drawn, outer influences are blocked. By which, our mind is positioned. This is called, “shamatha (calm-abiding)”. Placing our mind in one place instead of wavering with confused thoughts.
The One-minute Meditation of Ling Jiou Mountain begins by taking deep breath. Your thoughts are transformed. For example, someone was about to blow up in anger. By applying deep inhalation, one can turn the mind and emotion around. Frantic emotion is released. Next, palm-folding. It is not a religious gesture but simply a way to calm our mind. Through this gesture, our mind returns to its origin.
One-minute in Serenity, Relaxation is in Reach-MasterHsinTaoThen, relax. After relaxation, we’d become serene. Once our mind is serene, we’d be capable to introspect. Which is to reflect and reexamine. We’re relaxed with serenity. Do not respond to any provocative phenomena. Lastly, setting our mind in place, back to its origin. When the mind comes back to the present moment, or the origin - we’d become awakened. Every flashing thought becomes clear and can be seen thoroughly.
“Chan” is about rediscovering oneself. In this age of time, people chase after phenomena to the point of losing oneself. Morality and positive social values that we once held greatly have disappeared. When conventional ethics and values are neglected, we don’t know where to go next. We’ve come to a lifeless being without domination. Our life becomes blind under conformity.
Therefore, we may rediscover ourselves through Chan practice. Enjoy the happiness of being with oneself. Through Chan practice, connect and resonate with your own spirituality. We’d also find the joy and happiness of life.