Chan Practice

2020 Spring Term Monastic Retreat – Rediscovering Spirituality & Innate Love

2020 Spring Term Monastic Retreat – Rediscovering Spirituality & Innate Love-MasterHsinTaoThis is a world of network, a web of beings. We create the environment, lives, and relationships with one another. By receiving different pieces of information, we are shaped into different entities of ideas. These ideas would influence our actions and thinking. Furthermore, they are linked and then joined another network of life. 

In lives, we’d experience many struggles and unfairness along with the content stored in our karmic memory drive. Whether they are fair or unfair accounts, they are the result of our past karma. When we die, we’d end up in a different environment according to the karmic result. From there onwards, we’d face the challenges imposed by the various environments. Whichever network of information we are attuned with, we’d be influenced correspondingly. 

Life is the constant learning and connecting in this network of beings. A link joining another, may it be right or wrong – the blueprint of future lives is coming into shape. If we don't want to wander in the physical world bombarded with information, we must find our spiritual home. It is very simple. The home of spirituality free from phenomena and substances. That way, we don't get spun around by outer influences.

2020 Spring Term Monastic Retreat – Rediscovering Spirituality & Innate Love-MasterHsinTaoWithout much attention, we’ve damaged the ecological cycles of Earth. Environmental crises are the result of negative information sharing between entities. Now, we should awaken love and compassion through spirituality. With love, we'd collaborate and connect for the betterment of the environment. Together, we can transform the negativities in our environment. 

This very mind can project everything. If we are connected to negative energy, the effect is detrimental. If we are connected to positive energy, we can fulfill the beauty of this world. Rediscover the nature of spirituality, or compassion. That’s why we’d encourage all to do sitting meditation. It is to retrieve our love through sitting meditation. With love, this world would be wonderful!

Let us return to simplicity, the nature of spirituality. We can do this by sitting meditation. Retrieve our spiritual navigation so we can take lead in our own lives instead of being steered away by the materialistic world. We'd regain mastery to transform the phenomenal world into a navigation system of virtues and awareness.