Chan Practice

3-Day Meditation in Yangzhou – Finding Right Mindfulness through Chan

3-Day Meditation in Yangzhou – Finding Right Mindfulness through Chan -MasterHsinTaoNovember 10th, 2019, was the concluding day of the three-day Peace Meditation at Yangzhou. It took lots of favorable conditions to make this event happen. We are greatly thankful for all the support and the space provided for this program. Altogether, the conditions offered us the opportunity to reach out to more people. 

One of the most important things in the world is to reciprocate kindness. The subjects of such reciprocation include our parents, children, and all the connections we’ve made in life. We’re very fortunate to be able to gather here today. We’re back on the track that leads us back to the origin of life. This very origin is our primordial state. 

3-Day Meditation in Yangzhou – Finding Right Mindfulness through Chan -MasterHsinTaoIn our lifetimes in the samsara, the bodies that we’ve put on are countless. We've been coming back to the cyclic existence for infinite times. The six realms of the three worlds are where we take rebirths. The determinants are our virtuous and non-virtuous karmic connections. They are the keys to where we go. Here we are today to receive the practice of Chan that is a “scripture with no words”, which is beyond textual description. It is optimistic to say that we’re about to be free from suffering to acquire the ultimate happiness. As long as we are willing to exert, we’d acquire that experience of freedom and liberation. 

The seedling and root are right within our reach. Yet, without going through the bitter cold of winter, the flower of the humble plum tree would not have blossomed with a sweet aroma. Likewise, we need to cultivate, experience it repeatedly, and to experiment with it. Although the program only lasted three days, however, it marked the beginning of Chan practice. Once we take on the experience of Chan practice, we’re on the road of rediscovering ourselves. With every step forward, we are spending time to touch, understand, and experience our mind. Very soon, we’d become habituated as who we truly are. 

The preciousness of Buddhadharma is its truthfulness. It doesn’t lie within a statue nor is it fixated elsewhere. The most genuine and truthful Dharma is within us. As long as we spend time to look at it, uncover it, and realize it, we’d be on the right track. Then, as we learn to stay at ease, let go, and be free from egoistic clinging. At that point, we can return to our primordial awareness, our home base. 

3-Day Meditation in Yangzhou – Finding Right Mindfulness through Chan -MasterHsinTaoI hope you all could take some time to know yourself. What is "oneself"? Not this body. This physical body parish over time. Primordial awareness is unchanging that is always there. As long as we realize our awareness, all the conceptions would come to cessation. We’d no longer be caught in coming and going; arising and ceasing. Cyclic existence would come to an end. Dharma practice is to adjust our compass of right mindfulness properly. As we set the direction to the right mindfulness, our life would be beautiful.

The greatest enjoyment and felicity of life is primordial awareness. Be determined to complete this journey. Exert fully and refrain from having afflictive thoughts. Our life manifests the beauty and luminosity of virtuous intentions. Yet, the basis of these manifestations is this very awareness within us.