Chan Practice

Concentration and Clarity – Entering the Pure Land of Emptiness

歐洲禪修-專注與清楚進入空性的淨土-心道法師The meditation retreat from June 3rd – 8th has come to an end in Austria. We will be holding the next Chan practice retreat at Benediktushof, Germany. We have been very impressed by the studious and precise attitude demonstrated by German students. Just a reminder again, the key of Chan practice is concentration and clarity. When focused, our mind becomes clearer, expansive, and brighter.

With concentration, we can be apart from afflictions. The Four-step Technique of Ling Jiou Mountain’s Peace Meditation emphasizes on concentration and clarity. Under calm-abiding, we can begin to see the space of mind. This space has always been there.

歐洲禪修-專注與清楚進入空性的淨土-心道法師When we do Chan practice , this very space is actually looking at us the whole time. It helps us with the meditation. That space becomes focused when we are focused and vice versa. Even if our mind may be distracted, the space remains ubiquitous. If we lack attentiveness, clarity, and brightness – we cannot discover that space. Therefore, the key principle to enter emptiness is through concentration and clarity of Chan practice.

How big is the space of mind? It is actually boundless and undivided. It just stays there from the very beginning – clear, luminous, and spacious. Why so? Because there are no obscurations, it can light up everything. Without impurity and purity; non-arising and non-ceasing. Emptiness of mind cannot be stained or purified because there is no impurity and no purity.

歐洲禪修-專注與清楚進入空性的淨土-心道法師 Everyone has this “mind”. Through sitting meditation, the mind can return home eventually. The mind is freed from everything – true nature. Through contemplative analysis and awareness, we can experience emptiness. Knowing this, we’d make mindful decisions and reach the Pure Land of Buddhas. Emptiness is in fact, a boundless Pure Land. Let’s enter a world free of conflicts and competition. That way, “When the mind is at peace, the world is at peace.