Chan Practice

“Egolessness” - Discovering the Power of Mind

“Egolessness” - Discovering the Power of Mind-MasterHsinTaoIn order to have a comprehensive understanding of emptiness, one needs Chan practice. That way, space can be freed from our occupied mind. Chan practice is a doorway to our mind. It is also the key to the mysterious universe where the transcendental power lies within. 

Emptiness is indescribable beyond, but it is the source of all phenomena. While you may argue that there is nothing, yet, everything arises from within. Once we realize emptiness, all sufferings can be eradicated.
“Egolessness” - Discovering the Power of Mind-MasterHsinTao Everyone has a “mind”. However, we need a “path” to the mind. Chan practice enables us to see that unlimited powerful mind of life. By practicing “egolessness”, all the problems can be solved. The so-called “problems” are actually our judgmental ideas. As long as we remain influenced by our ego, we are forever troubled. 

Afflictions and attachments are like an army. They come aggressively to disrupt us. Where can we find a safe zone? Emptiness is the answer. No troubles will rise when we realize emptiness. Yet, the way to emptiness is through Chan practice so our afflictions can cease. Our true nature will eventually emerge as it is. 

“Egolessness” - Discovering the Power of Mind-MasterHsinTaoTrue nature can be shown by applying “egolessness”; it is also the best solution in working with all kinds of afflictions. All the techniques are applied as a mean, not the result. However, nothing can be accomplished if ego still exists.  

Egolessness can overcome everything. That is why the Buddhadharma teaches about the learning of emptiness to be apart from notions. By recognizing the false conceptions can we stay away from any dwelling. Once we can discriminate the reality of emptiness from false conceptions, our mind is direct and clear. Just like a wise saying goes, 

“A bodhimanda lies within a direct mind.”