Chan Practice

The Face of Chan

The Face of Chan -MasterHsinTaoChan is nothing mysterious or complicated. It is pure simplicity. The simpler it is, the happier we’d experience. Chan is the living of genuineness, kindness, and beauty. Everything is genuine, kind, and beautiful. Chan is to return to the origin, the nature of oneself. It is a state of stability, ease, and fulfillment. The state does not require anything external. 

Settle down our afflictions through Chan practice. Learn to let go of the compounded and fabricated thinking process. Just like putting on a raincoat over our mind, let the disturbing rain run through the coat without leaving a trace. Through Chan practice, our minds can relax and become clear. As we return to our life and work, we’d have a whole new perspective and mindset. “Egoless” isn’t about ridding of "I" but to realize that nothing can be validated as "I". Meanwhile, "I" am pervasive in all corners. "Let go" isn't about doing nothing but to let go of self-attachment. Furthermore, we can assume more responsibilities to contribute to the community, country, mankind, and more.