Chan Bodhi

 There are currently only Chinese versions of the book, and no translations have yet been made.
Many people have seen the Chan case, and while laughing, they actually can't understand the Chan machine. Why is it that watching the boss sell pork will make you enlightened? Why is drinking tea enlightened? And why do you become enlightened when you wash the dishes? Hurriedly bumping into the pillar, not only did not break the head, but also knocked out the opportunity to enlightenment. Many people say Chan and write Chan, but laymen see and listen to the entanglement of their minds, but they still can't catch Chan. What is Chan? Still don't understand.

In order to help everyone in the ever-changing life, not to forget Master Hsin Tao, and to subdue the fluctuating mind at any time, we have compiled the teachings and teachings of the Master Hsin Tao on meditation into this meditation manual, hoping that everyone will know that Chan is so close to our hearts and our lives, not hanging high in the sky to make people feel out of reach, nor is it hazy and imaginative, but so that everyone can walk, live, sit, lie down, and experience life Chan in the trivialities of life.

Chan is what it is
Learn Chan with the Master Hsin Tao
Peace Chan
Chan walking
Chan said
Meditation postures and points
Reconcile movements before and after meditation
Meditation Considerations
The Master Hsin Taomeditates to dispel doubts