Monastic Experiential Program – Seed of Enlightenment

缅甸短期出家-种佛因、成正觉-心道法师Through November 12 – 17th, Ling Jiou Mountain held a Theravadan monastic experiential program in Myanmar. Thank you all for coming to this Buddhist nation and to this auspicious gathering. Acharya sayadaws witnessed and bestowed the ceremony. In the seven-day training as temporary shramaneras /shramaneris, we’d uphold pure precepts that are empowering with an imprint to our consciousness. By the merit of such practice, we will approach nirvana and attain the state of unarising and unceasing.

No matter how wealthy or powerful we may be in this world, it is all transient like a dream. Only through Dharma practice can we acquire wisdom, be liberated from cyclic living and dying, and eradicate afflictions – then we will get to the state of unarising and unceasing. Samsara is like a journey with joy, afflictions, suffering, as well as purposeful endeavors. Among all, Dharma practice is a meaningful living.
缅甸短期出家-种佛因、成正觉-心道法师Life is a karmic memory. Within it, we should store up beneficial actions for life. Monasticism is one of them and an opportunity of enlightenment. By learning the law of cause and effect, we learn the method to be away from suffering and obtain happiness. If we do not sow the seeds now, the fruition of Buddhahood is unattainable.

There was once an eighty-year-old elder who wished for monkhood. Many arhats observed and came to the conclusion that he lacked the cause in past. Yet, when the Buddha observed, there was one opportunity. The old man was once a fly who circled around a stupa while looking for cow dung. The merit of circumambulation had given him the opportunity for monasticism. He attained arhatship soon after he became a monk.

缅甸短期出家-种佛因、成正觉-心道法师Therefore, monasticism is the most precious seed in life. It is extremely beneficial on the path towards the perfect enlightenment. With this cause, we must generate an auspicious attitude and cherish this rare opportunity. Uphold the precepts properly for the time being. Although the program is seven days, a Dharmic movement is initiated. May you all practice diligently, do not waste this opportunity.