Food Offering Ritual in New York

Food Offering Ritual in New York-MasterHsinTaoOn October 30, 2018, we held a Food Offering Ritual at Ling Jiou Mountain’s U. S. Head Center in Manhattan, New York. This office will focus on the development of the University for Life and Peace and the promotion on Peace Meditation.

Food Offering Ritual in New York-MasterHsinTaoThis particular Food Offering today was the same ritual I vowed to perform continuously throughout this life when I was at the cemetery in Yilan, Taiwan. May the sentient beings gathered today, with form or not, acquire serenity and take on a better rebirth through this ritual.
The prospective function of the U. S. Head Center revolves around “love Earth, love peace”, and environmental ethics – in making an effort for the sustainability of the planet and mankind. In addition, the office will introduce Peace Meditation to a wider audience, elderly or young, so everyone gets to learn about Chan practice and Buddhadharma.

Food Offering Ritual in New York-MasterHsinTaoWealth is a felicity, so are illness-free and having a happy family. However, to study Buddhadharma is a greater fortune that enhances our inner perspective. By studying and comprehending Dharma, we learn to eradicate afflictions. Commit to all that is virtuous and refrain from non-virtuous actions and intentions. This would bring great benefits not only to this lifetime but more to come.

After contemplating on Dharma, we’d gradually clarify our purpose of life – the ultimate liberation free from samsara. Besides the continuous accumulation on meritorious acts, we also strive for a state of unarising and unceasing free from suffering. Learning Buddhadharma is like a promise for a bountiful harvest that’d extend our felicity and enhance the quality of life. Exert our energy to the state of that unarising and unceasing.