Optimizing the Beauty of Life

Setting Boundaries- MasterHsinTaoThe Buddha has revealed to us the coming and going of life. We understand that life isn’t limited to just one but countless lifetimes. Before encountering Buddhadharma, we did not optimize our life to the fullest in shaping our future. Instead, we’ve wasted too much energy and time. After learning about Buddhadharma, we know the proper way of shaping future lives. Dharma practice is to understand cause and effect. Starting now, we must adjust our mind and actions in sowing virtuous seeds for positive fruition.

Setting Boundaries- MasterHsinTaoThe teaching of the Buddha is about “generosity”. As we continue to give, we are practicing generosity, which is about helping one another – service and dedication. At the same time, we are mitigating our greed and attachment through generosity and aspiration. Since we have an understanding of “Buddha” and the benefits of Dharma now, we must share it away. Keep this in mind that whatever you offer, may it be Dharma, will return to us. That way, we can receive Dharma to contemplate on and study in lifetimes to come. With Buddhadharma, life becomes a fueled vehicle that pushes forward. As long as we steer in the right direction, we will certainly arrive at the other shore of luminosity easily.