Network of Virtues

Network of Virtues - MasterHsinTaoOn January 19, 2019, we flew from Myanmar to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to attend the year-end celebration. The coming year is zodiac pig. I wish everyone prosperity, felicity, and fulfillment. In folklore, pig depicts an image of worry-free. Surely, the coming year must be peaceful and wish-fulfilling. Most importantly, to carry on meaningful activities in life.

On the path of life, this lifetime is just one spot while our life goes on infinitely. “Metabolism” takes place at different stages. With dissolution, our physical body breaks down but our inner spirituality stays intact. Thus, we should set a life objective or vision for continual management.
Network of Virtues - MasterHsinTao “Virtues” are crucial in the continuation of life. How do we generate virtues properly? It is to create a good network of life. Karmic memory prints our life. Such memory creates our life. From past memory that is applied in this lifetime. In this life, we create the karmic memory for the future. How can we make our life happier with good health? Take the principle of “Refrain from nonvirtues and engage in all virtues.” Make positive connections with others to create good karmic memory.
Within Dharma, let’s choose virtues to make positive connections widely. Allow our network of memory join together to be waves of virtues. Riding along the gushing waves, we can accomplish the path of Dharma and attain Buddhahood together.
Network of Virtues - MasterHsinTaoLing Jiou Mountain has been active in Malaysia for fifteen years. Over the course, we went from a tiny shrine hall in a house to a large number of students that continues to grow. As we were looking for a bigger space, generous sponsors came forward and made a donation with a new space. Our goal is to construct a monastery for all to learn Buddhadharma. By learning and practicing, our mind will be free of troubles, conflicts, whereas love is cultivated. Without conflicts and afflictions, everything becomes smooth and perfected without troubles.