Love Earth with Virtuous Intentions

Love Earth with Virtuous Intentions -MasterHsinTaoOn September 21, 2019, we arrived in Indonesia. After a year apart, we had a wonderful gathering with the local students. Ling Jiou Mountain’s (LJM) first oversea center was founded in Indonesia. Many people have been inspired to practice Dharma together. As time flies, it has been nearly two decades since the founding of the center. I’m much impressed by the happy nature and kind-heartedness of the Indonesians. Their simplicity and kindness have brought them great merits.

Together, we follow the virtous path laid out by the Buddha. By following the steps of the Buddha, we develop an understanding of karma. Hence, we exert in virtuous activities that are beneficial for sentient beings. This is our shared responsibility. We are the bridge and the positive influence for one another. We support each other on the path of virtues.

Love Earth with Virtuous Intentions -MasterHsinTaoWhen we visited Indonesia last year, we spoke about global crises. In 2019, not only the Amazon rainforest in Brazil underwent a wildfire, Kalimantan on Borneo Island also experienced a forest fire. The former one is named “the lungs of the planet”. Tragically, this fire has severely damaged the global climate.

Due to global warming, the northern and southern ice caps have been melting rapidly. Timing of seasons has shifted and species are going extinct as a result. We must raise the awareness on global warming. All of us should tackle this crisis with a common understanding.
Love Earth with Virtuous Intentions -MasterHsinTaoWhat are we offering to you at LJM? “Love Earth, love peace” and “Compassion and Chan”. Compassion can be shown through the mottos of “love Earth, love peace” and “live to serve, dedicate life to lives”. Chan allows our mind to find the source of life. To do so, one needs to practice Chan meditation.

Dharma practice is to learn about the genetics of life – causes and effects. When we are mindful of every thought, we can sow the virtuous seeds (causes) for good ripening (effects). Our life and karmic memories would turn positive. That is why we are learning to discover our spirituality. To do so,Chan practice is the way.