We must stop wars for ecology — appeals from Dharma Master Hsin Tao

The Russian-Ukraine warfare is not just between the two countries but shook the world to the core with far-reaching impacts that cause global concerns. Alongside the irrevocable casualties and economic losses, the war is inflicting damages near-impossible to heal on the earth’s life-supporting ecology. 
Religion calms people down and shoulders the responsibilities of awakening mankind’s conscience and praying for peace. Master Hsin Tao of the Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society (LJM) cares about ecology long-term and has been advocating the ideal of ‘loving the earth, loving peace’ as a globe-trotter to promote the campaign for ecology. At this difficult time amidst a still unfolding warfare, Master Hsin Tao reaches out for an interfaith prayer amongst all religions to make the pain go away and help restore peace for all humankind.
How do war and ecology relate anyway? How do wars inflict damages on ecology? As citizens of the global village, what more can we do for peace and ecology besides praying for the war to stop? Please join us in listening to what Master Hsin Tao says about world peace and ecology.