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2020 Winter School – Concluding Day

2020 Winter School – Concluding Day- MasterHsinTao

On January 18th, 2020, we concluded the ten-day Winter School of the University for Life and Peace. We’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the professors and students. The teaching staff offered incredible lectures and the students were very attentive. Thank you for all the effort so the University for Life and Peace is coming into shape.

Throughout our first and second Winter School program, we hope to establish a common ground for propagating and sharing our goal of making Earth better. The program centers around "healing the Earth". By inviting professional knowledge from different fields, we hope to study global crises and find the solutions. By applying the new approach of thinking and technology, we can stop inflicting harms and depleting our planet. “Heal our planet” is our shared commitment and wish.  

2020 Winter School – Concluding DayI had shared with you my view on our environment the night before the program commenced. To solve ecological crises, I’ve delved into Buddhadharma and Chan practice. After a decade of dedication, I'm finally seeing the result. Not only have I obtained a mental balance, but a positive energy field of resonance is also uncovered. This is a great field of energy to share with others.

The ecosystem is all about interdependent biodiversity and interconnectedness. You thrive, I thrive. You die, I die. How do we maintain the balance? This is the core of the University for Life and Peace – namely, spirituality. When the spirituality of mankind is awakened, we can see the nature underneath our mental disorder. When we realize the nature, we wouldn’t go astray. Furthermore, we can truly solve problems and restore the environmental balance inside and out.

2020 Winter School – Concluding Day- MasterHsinTaoAs Winter School came to an end, I hope that you’d take away two treasures that you’ve learned from this program:

One being Chan practice , which is returning to spirituality. Only when our mind is at peace can the positive energy resonate with all beings. Love and compassion are to create a harmonious state among all beings without conflicts and imbalance. An entity of interdependence is the commiseration resulted from the awakening of spirituality.

2020 Winter School – Concluding DayAnother treasure to take away is the technological knowledge that helps to heal our wounded Earth. Technology should be used to develop, solve, and clean up all the mess to restore the wellbeing of our planet. Transformative technology is applied to restore the damage we’ve done to Earth. It is pivotal in the recovery of our planet.

The subject for next year will be focused on “Integrative Technology, Ecosystem, and Spirituality – Pragmatic Living”. All the former three can be termed into one thing, "spirituality". Mankind invents technology. The ecosystem is filled with spirituality. Keep in mind that spirituality is integrative with the environment and technology. Together, it is like a trinity for the wellbeing of the environment.

Once again, my sincere gratitude to our team. To all the professors and students, thank you for your understanding should there be any inconvenience. Please give us feedback and advice. I'm very happy about the inclusivity we've demonstrated through our collective learning of life.