Dharma Teachings

“Indigenous” Green Buildings

“Indigenous” Green Buildings-MasterHsinTaoWhenever people visit Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM), they are often attracted by the astonishing view. The scene of the coastal mountain range opens to the vast ocean entices many people. It triggers a sense of longingness inside of people that they often wish to stay a bit longer. Trees and greenery grow freely as nature will. Trees are sitting right in the middle of the walking path. We'd have to go around it and give way to the trees. If not careful, some people might walk right into the tree. Some asked me, "Why not trim or remove some of these so people could enjoy the view better?”

When I first arrived three decades ago, this was a land of wild bushes and shrubs. All the plants and rocks here are the "indigenous" inhabitants. They came here much earlier than I did. By the time we began our construction for LJM, I couldn't "drive them away". Every piece of grass here is also life. We respect the living space of every being. No one should be sacrificed for mankind. We have no intention to intrude nature but here for harmonious coexistence.

“Indigenous” Green Buildings-MasterHsinTaoBuildings should be integral to nature instead of destructing nature. Our buildings take the design of beautiful simplicity. We can't see utility poles or insertion of tall buildings. All the architectural works interplay with the woods. Red tiles peering through the lush green forest. Grey walls lay the foundation underneath the blue sky. The color of red, green, white, blue, and grey intertwine to make the most beautiful shade of LJM. 

The architectural complex is made up of rocks and woods. The materials offer a sense of firmness for our practice. Our mind could correspond to the sense of the material when we practice inside the house. The surrounding that we work with is as natural and simple as they can be. When people visit, they could also experience that simplicity. That's why we could see trees in the middle of the path and extensive rock being a part of the interior of the house. I believe this is the most specific and practical example of environmentalism. Meanwhile, we respect the value of all lives. This is the most heartwarming thought from LJM.