The 100-syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva

The 100-syllable Mantra of VajrasattvaVajrasattva is the embodiment of the bodhicitta of all beings. "Vajra" holds an indestructible nature. By the blessing of Vajrasattva, sentient beings aspire to great vows. In Vajrayana Buddhism, the Hundred-syllable Mantra is a practice of contrition that can amend the faults for not performing the recitation wholesomely; purify karmic obstacles, and attain accomplishment. As one upholds the mantra, the mind and the body can be purified; the karmic obstacles can be removed; unwholesome recitation of sutras or mantras can be amended; the Surangama samadhi and different levels of samadhi can be realized; the five heinous crimes and denigration towards the Three Jewels are purified; all suffering and afflictions are pacified; evil realms are distant away; all wishes be fulfilled; the Buddha-nature be realized. Master Hsin Tao had introduced, "The Hundred-syllable Mantra can pacify the chaos and disasters of the world."