The Mantra of Vaisravana

The Mantra of VaisravanaVaisravana is one of the four kings of celestial guardian in Buddhism. He is also named, "the guardian of the prosperity of the North". According to scriptures, Vaisravana vowed before the Buddha to safeguard Buddhists who exert in practice, observe pure precepts, venerate the Three Jewels, engage in generosity, and other virtues. Furthermore, he would enhance the following five activities of virtuous individuals by: 1. Extending their longevity; 2. Increasing prosperity; 3. Eliminating illnesses; 4. Enhancing joy and bliss; and 5. Expanding a good reputation. Anyone who practices the Mantra of Vaisravana and engages in generous giving is the blessed subject of Vaisravana. With his blessing, one's career would prosper, wishes can be fulfilled, and the two accumulations on merit and wisdom would be boundless.