The Great Compassion Mantra

大悲咒-心道法師The Great Compassion Mantra (Long Dharani) is the most preeminent mantra from the Mahakaruna Dharani of the Thousand-Armed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokiteshvara. The scripture describes how the Thousand Rays King Stillness Tathagata conferred the Great Compassion Dharani of the Unobstructed Vastness and Perfection to Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara). When she heard the mantra, she immediately attained the eighth stage of a bodhisattva, Immoveable, from the first stage of Very Joyful. Guan Yin vowed, "May I be endowed with thousand arms and thousand eyes to benefit sentient beings with skillful means". After she made the aspiration, a thousand arms and eyes immediately appeared on her. This is the origin of the Great Compassion Mantra. Thereafter, the Great Compassion Mantra represents the compassionate aspiration of Guan Yin that is vast, perfect, and unobstructed. By practicing the dharani diligently, one can stay away from disasters, karmic obstacles, illnesses, and suffering. Furthermore, one can accomplish all the virtuous activities, fulfill wishes, be free from fears, and attain Buddhahood swiftly.