University for Life and Peace is a global initiative which Master Hsin Tao devotes in establishing. It is a higher educational institute visioning the preservation and stability of Earth. By expanding the motto of the Museum of World Religions (MWR), “respect, tolerance, and love”, the university strives to prepare professionals working in fields of sustainability and peace promotion. Around its designated location in Naung Mon, Myanmar, various programs will also be annexed to the institute. These include: charities, healthcare, agriculture, religions, multi-ethnicities and cultures, and elementary school for novice monastics. 

Foremost, the Maha Kusala Yama Monastery Elementary School began its operation in 2016. It offers integrative curriculum with school board standards and Buddhist studies. With the majority of students being orphans in Northern Myanmar, they get the opportunity to acquire secular skills and spiritual cultivation here. 

Now, the university is under intensive planning in regards to programming, accreditation and various aspects. Chan is the core vitality while Buddhadharma acts as the backbone. The university will be offering interdisciplinary studies with emphasis on spirituality as the root. The university will be preparing individuals of love and open-mindedness for diversity. We have optimistic expectations for prospective students to be the seeds of peace thriving worldwide.

“Love Earth, love peace.”

Master Hsin Tao

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