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Globalized Responsibility and Mission of Religion

全球化時代宗教的責任與使命-心道法師Throughout history, “religion” functions as a regional force of stability. It is also a guide to the harmony of body and mind. Various faiths were formed with different factors in geography, history, local conditions, and cultures to become what they are today. Yet, different faiths have been offering spiritual support in accordance with time, place and the need of people. Furthermore, they also generate, gather, and distribute resources. Religion is a force of stability and development. Surely, conflicts may be inevitable in the process when different religions contacted. Conflicts are occasional under certain circumstances. However, they were never the absolute strifes or confrontations among religious ideologies.

Religion is the reliance on mankind’s faith. Its mission and responsibility are to enable people to live better with faith. Between mundanity and sacredness, find a space to serve others, dedicate one’s life, and fulfilling life. With religion, one can find direction and meaning. People are connected through religion. It's a colossal entity of faith. Together, we can face and work through all kinds of suffering and setbacks.

It is an age of technology advancement and rich materials. Every faith assumes three duties:
(1)Care about and eliminate mankind suffering with best efforts. This can be carried out through charity and social initiatives. 

(2)Elevate the overall spirituality and ethical values. People’s mind can become serene and harmonized. Love and kindness are everywhere. This can be rooted and enhanced through education on life. 

(3) Among different beliefs, all should work together to be a vital force in promoting a peaceful mind and global harmony. Religion should never be the source of conflicts.
全球化時代宗教的責任與使命-心道法師When we think about it, the source of suffering, may it be natural or manmade disasters - all are closely knitted with our mind. With negative intention turning into actions, the consequence is the repetition of tragedy. May it be warfare and environmental degradation, they all come from greediness and hatred of people. Therefore, by improving the spirituality and ethics of the overall mankind through life education -  our mind becomes serene and harmonized.

Many have asked me, “Why do you push for long-term Buddhist-Muslim dialogue and interfaith collaboration?” I said, “Many people are misunderstanding Islam with biases. With direct contact, we’ll find that many Muslim friends are enthusiastic to help and peace-loving.” Through such dialogue and exchange, we discuss the crises of mankind and work together. Hand-in-hand, religion carries on the inevitable duty and mission.
Religion should be offering a heaven of happiness for people instead of suffering hell. “Love Earth, Love Peace” is our shared vision. May it come true soon with a jubilant result.