Chan Practice

Resonance for Loving Earth

Resonance for Loving Earth-MasterHsinTaoOn June 15, 2019, we arrived in Penang, Malaysia, after our religious exchange in Singapore. We’re here for the annual Peace Meditation of Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) which gathers over a thousand of people every time. This is the fourth year and we’re here to offer an opportunity – for people to approach their inner peace. Our shared intention is to enter the essence of Earth, the quantum. Through Chan practice, the planet can be re-energized with vitality.
All beings thrive in peace. Seedlings sprout from the earth and a stable environment. Should we can calm our mind, we’ve acquired the core energy of the world. This is the vitality of the universe, which we call it “quantum”. Technology nowadays also makes occasional discoveries on spirituality. Quantum physics is one of them. Every thought of ours generates a motion of substances. By quantum, it is the state when thoughts are ceased in serenity. Then, we’ve entered the energy of quantum, the power of resonance.
Resonance for Loving Earth-MasterHsinTaoThe purpose of Chan practice, is to love Earth. This planet is well alive. Its health has deteriorated since global warming took effect. Hence, we must revive it with great energy, the energy of sitting meditation and stay away from thoughts. Resonate with the quantum of Earth. Let it be healthy and live with confidence again. Only when the Earth sustains can mankind sustains. The annual thousand-people Peace Meditation of LJM brings everyone together to resonate. For the wellbeing of planet Earth, the more who sit, the more powerful the resonance for loving Earth gets.
As well, sitting meditation allows our mind to find its root. It refers to the mind that is non-clinging. A physical mind is samsaric that arises and ceases. Only by entering the mind of spirituality can one attains unarising and unceasing. Remove impurities to approach the pureness of spirituality.
Resonance for Loving Earth-MasterHsinTaoWhen doing sitting meditation, we are purifying the impurities. Allow the pureness of spirituality. When we’ve returned to the origin, we’re back to the home of spirituality. Everyone has it, but we can’t find our way home due to this confused mind. Yet, sitting meditation is a mean of purification. By a turning of the mind, we can attain unarising and unceasing. The point is to repeat the process. Make it a habit to purify our impurities so we can acquire this bliss, happiness, and the primordial state we’ve always had.