University for Life and Peace

The Beauty of Interdependent Diversity

The Beauty of Interdependent Diversity- MasterHsinTao

The idea of the University for Life and Peace first came into my mind due to my hard life as a war orphan. As I witnessed the ruthlessness of death and the frailty of life, my eagerness for peace was inspired and intensified. This educational institute serves as a platform of peace so we can build a mutual ground. Every being on this planet is part of the entity of interdependence. This global family constitutes interdependent diversity. We must learn and rely on one another. Likewise, different religions influence people of various groups, cultures, and regions. However, our shared spirituality comes forth through our faiths. Gradually, we’d get closer to a spiritual state.

The Beauty of Interdependent Diversity- MasterHsinTaoThis world is beautiful because of diversity. We should acknowledge that “your presence lights up the world”. With interdependent diversity, we’re initiating a university for everyone to learn about how to respect life with inclusivity. We must promote great love.

Our objective is to find harmony, direction, goals, and value from such diversity. We must restore peace, uncover our minds, relocate our positions, and rediscover our existence. Starting from here, we can eventually empathize and accept others. We'd come to the understanding of the harmony of interconnectedness. Together, we could establish shared values. We can open a new horizon for problem-solving, conflict resolution, and a harmonious interdependency. This is the goal that we are striving for!