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Four Attitudes Positivity, Encouragement, Optimism, and Love

Four Attitudes Positivity, Encouragement, Optimism, and Love -MasterHsinTaoThere are four attitudes to uphold in daily life: “positivity, encouragement, opti-mism, and love”. These are the foundation of virtues. Without these, one may commit to non-virtuous activities easily. Uphold these four properly in daily life. When we’re encouraging and optimistic, we’d do virtues with kind words. On the contrary, if we’re discouraged and pessimistic, we’d utter ill words. Without right mindfulness, one would be careless with speech. The consequence would be unfavorable. Bearing the four attitudes in mind can flourish our life.
When we’re optimistic, we’d speak kind words and engage in good things. This is right mindfulness. If we fall into the abyss of despair, negativity tags along. Being active and optimistic is to break through and transform adverse conditions into goodness. When despair, we’d speak badly and blame everything discontentedly. When our speech and actions are negative, it is like feeding poisons to others. We’re delivering a terrible impression. Love is the key to our service. Do everything with love. Even if we are positive, encouraging, or optimistic, but the absence of love doesn’t lead to the right mindfulness. It is the core and the genetic link that threads through all of us. Without the genetic link of love, the result wouldn’t favorable. “Positivity, encouraging, optimism, and love” is my pith instruction of Great Perfection.
Every sentient being bears personal karma and habitual tendencies. The habits are karmic seeds that form into life. One life after another in cyclic existence. Our current living is shaping our future life. Past life has formed our present living. The habitual tendency is like a piece of clothing. When it’s dirty, we can bleach it. That’s how we should regard habitual tendencies. So, we should start making proper daily habits. “Refrain from non-virtues and engage in all virtues” is to cherish every connection instead of spoiling these opportunities. Serve well, connect positively and reject negativities.