The Four-stage Training

2018 PoWR-Opening Speech at the Parliament of World Religions (PoWR)

2018世界宗教大會-開幕式祈禱文-心道法師Dear guests and friends of all religions,

Let us now altogether quiet down our heart and mind and listen to the sound of glaciers that are collapsing, and the cry of the terrified polar bears.

I think all of you know that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a final warning. I believe that all of you share the same sense of urgency to take immediate actions to transform the crisis of our Earth. 

Mankind pursues materialism and competitions.

We've destroyed the harmony and co-existence of ecosystem. Since we have not seen clearly that everything is deeply interdependent, this has led us to greed, ignorant, and hatred, with unlimited consumption and plunder of resources of the Earth.

What is that power that has brought us here together today? 
It is the power of everyone's love and wisdom.

The PoWR has brought together the power of all the different religions. It is the most efficient body to create a resonance about loving the Earth. Since 1993, the Parliament has been promoting global ethics.

And today, I'd want to add the following, namely:
Globalized ecological ethics; living together in diversity and harmony.

Let us start from the power of spirituality to heal our mother Earth. So many of you can live in a sustainable way and survive. At this very moment, we are one body of life. So let us take one minute to harmonize our energy and to stabilize the magnetic field of positive  frequencies.

Let us all together quiet down now,
Let’s take a deep breath,
put our palms together.
Quiet down,
Quiet down,
Let your heart return to its origin.
I pray that we can all live together in harmony and cherish each other, and that the earth sustains and flourishes.

Thank you all.