Letting go is happiness

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What can't you put down?
Letting go is not about not pursuing everything, but about not changing with circumstances. With this condition, in all good and evil, good and bad, the mind does not change and is not turned.

Good karma wants to grasp, bad karma gives birth to attachment, and neither can be put down.

The Buddha wants us to see through and let go, and the good will pass, and the bad will pass. To recite the Buddha that good and evil do not stop, that is, to see through and let go.

Although you have to compete in life, with the Dharma, you can do things with a casual mind and let go of competition.

If you can't finish the world's affairs, you can put it down as much as possible, do it well when you should do it, and repair it when you should repair it, don't be confused about the situation.

Face impermanent things with an ordinary mind and learn to let go of the mind of calculation.
To have meaning in life is to let go and give.


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